The DukeSpace Archive and tips for finding documents

The Center for Public Genomics Research Files archive at the Duke University Libraries can be found at:

Before proceeding, please note that all documents in our archive can be accessed via basic Google search. If you are looking for a specific document and/or wish to search by keywords, we recommend this method as the most efficient.

Alternatively, if you wish to browse all materials by topic:
1. Upon landing on the home page, select a sub-community.
2. If you wish, select a collection under that sub-community.
3. Then select one of the “Browse By” options (Authors, Titles, Subjects, Duke-affiliated Authors, Duke Departments, Issue Date, or Submit Date) at the top of the page. Otherwise, the page will show only the most recent submissions.

Most items are licensed under CC-BY 3.0 licenses. See individual sub-communities, and in some cases individual items, for licenses specific to the items you are using.


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